Towards Right Livelihood

Buttons the Cat Goes to Work


The lost art of sewing

After scouring the internet and op shops for ethically sources baby clothes for my 23 month old son (hereafter titled 'bumblebee'), I have realised that it's time I reacquainted myself with the lost art of sewing. You CAN find ethical... Continue Reading →

Fashion Victims

The ABC's Four Corners program did an excellent job of telling the story of Fast Fashion and the dangers that come from it.

China Blue

The catalyst for me deciding that I needed to stop buying sweatshop made clothing was a documentary called 'China Blue'. Seen through the eyes of one young worker, this doco takes you inside the factories to see the reality of... Continue Reading →

Enough clothes

Given that most of the clothes for sale in shops in my city can be traced back to sweatshops, it's a fair bet that I won't be buying much of anything in 2011. I'm not really a big shopper, but... Continue Reading →

My Dunlop Volleys died

My two year old Dunlop Volleys finally died. Multiple holes that couldn't be repaired. Thus the search began for a replacement pair of a similiar style that aren't made in sweatshops. Dunlop volleys are owned by Pacific Brands, a massive... Continue Reading →

Indy Twilight Markets

Last night we went to the Indy Twilight Markets held in Brisbane City. It was packed! Evidently, the artisans had to submit samples of their work to be accepted, because the quality and originality of the stuff on offer was... Continue Reading →

Made in Australia…..not so simple

Molly, from Ethical Clothing Australia, the company that ¬†assists businesses with becoming accredited as an ethical clothing company, had some interesting things to say about the ethics of 'Made in Australia'. Unfortunately made in Australia does not always equate to... Continue Reading →

How will I know it’s sweatshop free?

Wouldn't it be good if the answer to this question was that the words 'sweatshop free' were on the clothes tag? Well, sometimes it is. Or if not on the tag, it's all over the companies website. This kind of... Continue Reading →

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