Intentions work well for me. I ponder situations. Thoughts arise. I make an intention in my head. I say it out loud to my husband. I grow the structure of the intention and build a scaffold to make it have the best chance of success.

For the longest time my intentions are not new ones. I revisit ones that didn’t make it. Good ideas, strong plans that didn’t make it the distance. I begin again. Each time I begin again, I tweak the structures and change the scaffolds based on what I’ve learnt from the last intention that burnt out before I fulfilled it.

In 2017, I have the intention to only purchase fair trade products. The structure around this is that I will reset the intention every month. For some reason, making it to the end of a month and beginning again the next month seems to work better for me than the far away hardcore vision of 365 days of intention. I’ll post each month’s experience as it unfolds here – a month by month account of challenges I faced, choices I made, feelings I had. I want to stay present for the experience. To be there, awake, watching the excuses that arise in my brain to justify why this one time, it’s ok.

I want to know myself more as a consumer. I want to watch the desire, the fulfilment of it, how quickly it all fades once I have what I think I needed. Only to begin again in another circle of desire.

I’ve taken stock of what I own and I think I can make it to the end of 2017 without needing new clothes or shoes. I already buy only fair trade coffee to drink at home, so at least that’s sorted. Birthday gifts for others will need to be planned well in advance.

The reasons behind my intention are simple – I own enough. I don’t need to spend as much as I do, I don’t want to spend a life in a cycle of thoughtless spending. I don’t want to own goods produced by people being taken advantage of. I never have.

I’ve updated all the resources on this blog, so they’re all current at December 2016. I’ll be continuing to update them throughout the year. If you have a brand of clothing, food, coffee or toy that you’d like me to look into, let me know and I’ll do my best to determine if it is ethically produced or not.

So here I am, beginning again.