After scouring the internet and op shops for ethically sources baby clothes for my 23 month old son (hereafter titled ‘bumblebee’), I have realised that it’s time I reacquainted myself with the lost art of sewing. You CAN find ethical kids clothes, but they are usually very very expensive and while I can justify spending for a special outfit, most of the time Bumblebee’s clothes end up covered in mud and squished fruit, so ‘organic spun from gold and created by rainbows’ for a $45 pair of shorts can’t be done on my budget. So my friend is returning my sewing machine, which I haven’t used for possibly a decade. I can’t even remember how to thread it! I went to the local sewing shop and realised how utterly stupid I am in terms of fabric knowledge, pattern choosing, um…actually every aspect of home sewing. Luckily the nice lady behind the counter sorted me out with some suitable fabric, elastic and a pattern. Already, I could have bought 4 pairs of Made in Bangladesh toddler shorts for the price I have paid for this kit. Isn’t that sad?

Stay tuned for Operation Make Toddler Shorts.