My two year old Dunlop Volleys finally died. Multiple holes that couldn’t be repaired. Thus the search began for a replacement pair of a similiar style that aren’t made in sweatshops. Dunlop volleys are owned by Pacific Brands, a massive company that also makes Bonds and just about every other brand of underwear on the market. They use sweatshop labour. I searched around and decided on a pair of Etiko sneakers.

They are WAY more expensive than Volleys, but I guess that’s the real price of labour. I checked every sneaker in the shops I could find and ALL the others were made in china. This was reflected in their price – one pair was $8!

I’m trying to replace what I need to before the new year starts, because I really don’t want to buy much of anything in 2011.

Now if I could only find a hat that isn’t made in china…….