Last night we went to the Indy Twilight Markets held in Brisbane City. It was packed! Evidently, the artisans had to submit samples of their work to be accepted, because the quality and originality of the stuff on offer was impressive! Even the displays were beautiful.

These markets are a great example of the sort of sweatshop free jewellery, clothing, art and accessories that you can buy instead of the crappy made-in-a-factory rubbish that is in stores like Diva.

My daughter and I bought beautiful lockets, made from recycled postage stamps, from a seller called Mrs Smiley’s Lockets, and a brooch for a friend from Tree Party Design.

Image of a black and white handcrafted bird brooch from Tree Party Designs


Keep on eye on the Indy Markets website for upcoming 2011 markets and you can feel safe knowing that your treasures are sweatshop free!