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An ethical dilemma in my wardrobe

The last time I did a stocktake of my wardrobe was about 5 years ago. I just did another one counting all shirts, shorts, pants, jackets, jeans, shoes, sports wear....the lot. The good news is I own less now than... Continue Reading →


Review: Two apps to help you shop more ethically

  I've been trialling two apps that are both designed to help you figure out if the item you want to buy is ethical or not. The first is the Shop Ethical! app for Australia and New Zealand available for free... Continue Reading →

The True Cost

Last night I watched the documentary The True Cost (2015) on Netflix. I've known about it for a while but held off watching it in the knowledge that it would most likely fast track me further down a path that is a... Continue Reading →

How to find out if your favourite products are made ethically

Since I started this blog in 2010, companies have gotten much more savvy at understanding that they need to at least say all the right things about how their products are manufactured. If you're trying to find out if a product you'd... Continue Reading →

Begin again

Intentions work well for me. I ponder situations. Thoughts arise. I make an intention in my head. I say it out loud to my husband. I grow the structure of the intention and build a scaffold to make it have... Continue Reading →

Cambodian garment workers protest for change

Dateline, the current affairs program on SBS, recently did a story on garment workers in Cambodia and their struggle to improve their working conditions. Despite significant risks, large groups of sweatshop workers are taking to the streets to demand higher... Continue Reading →

Ethical toys…’s that time of year again.

If you celebrate Xmas, chances are you might be in the market for some gifts for the little people in your family. The toy manufacturing market is not a pretty one, with many of the major toy companies manufacturing in... Continue Reading →

My life as a sweatshop worker

A Canadian journalist spent time undercover working in a Bangladeshi sweatshop and recently published her experience in The Toronto Star. Raveena Aulakh reports that she was trained by a nine year old who was one of a group of children... Continue Reading →

90% of Australian Clothes likely use child labour

This is the startling headline reporting on the findings of a new report which investigated the practices of over 128 Australian clothing labels. The news is not good. "The report found that only 12% of companies received an A rating... Continue Reading →

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